About Us

It started as a thought about a big concern.

The involvement of single-use coffee cups in the Australian film industry; my work place.

A film set is like an average cafe in Melbourne when it comes to the amount of coffee we drink and the amount of cups we throw out. 

On average, an Australian film set will throw out more than 1200 single-use cups a week. Larger crews on feature films can throw out up to 2000 a week.

This is my attempt to try and change this.

I've had my MiiR coffee tumbler for close to four years now, and now I've brought the brand I love to Australia. 

This wastage is not limited to the film industry either, currently Australian's use 42 million single-use coffee cups a year. So help with limiting this by purchasing a coffee tumbler that is not only designed based on the paper cup, but has a sleek and trendy design that you will be happy to use every day.

Thank you,




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